WannaCry Ransomware Nightmare

Shadownet Computing CCNews

It’s no secret that cyber threats are becoming more widespread and sophisticated day-by-day. But, according to anarticle on CNN today , cyber security experts were stunned worldwide by the outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware that infects Windows computers and locks down all files, holding them for ransom. Victims of the attack have six hours to pay and the ransom amount grows with time.

According to the article, the massive ransomware attack has already hit over 99 countries. In the first 10 hours since it was discovered, over 75,000 attacks were recorded. One security architect, Kevin Beaumont said that this is turning into one of the biggest cybersecurity incidents he has ever seen.

This kind of outbreak presents IT service providers with a challenge but also an opportunity to visit the topic of cybersecurity, backup, and data protection with new and existing customers.  In particular, make sure that customer security is up to date, to keep them safe from malware threats like this one.

WannaCry is traveling through a Windows exploit named “Eternal Blue” which is a vulnerability that Microsoft patched back in March.

As WannaCry continues to infect organisations around the globe over the weekend, Shadownet’s managed security offering “Webroot” is protecting you.Visit the Webroot Blog and Community for the latest updates, and to learn more about how we are detecting and preventing attacks like WannaCry for our customers.

In addition to deploying Webroot SecureAnywhere as part of a strong endpoint control strategy, it is essential you continue to keep your systems up-to-date on the latest software versions, and invest in user education on the dangers of phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other common attack vectors. It has been found that an educated workforce is more than half the battle won against ransomware. Shadownet can help you customise suitable education and training for your staff and colleagues. Speak to us before it’s too late!