WannaCry Ransomware Nightmare

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It’s no secret that cyber threats are becoming more widespread and sophisticated day-by-day. But, according to anarticle on CNN today , cyber security experts were stunned worldwide by the outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware that infects Windows computers and locks down all files, holding them for ransom. Victims of the attack have six hours to pay and the ransom amount … Read More

5 Steps for Developing a Successful BYOD Environment

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Employees are using their personal smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for work much more often these days. Gartner predicts that there will be twice as many employee-owned devices used for work than company-owned devices by 2018. However, according to a 2014 security report published by Check Point Software Technologies, most companies are struggling to properly manage employee-owned devices. Ninety-five … Read More

7 Ways to Help Your Computer Run Faster

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There are many contributing factors that cause computers to become slower and less responsive, no matter how old they are. When this happens you experience the frustration of files taking longer to open, and applications that respond to your commands at a snail’s pace. Luckily, there are ways to improve your computer’s performance – most of them are very simple. Here are seven steps to take to speed … Read More

6 Reasons to Use Remote Monitoring to Keep an Eye on Your Systems

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Many IT service providers use remote monitoring tools to gather information and send reports about their clients’ computer systems. Almost anything can be monitored, from routers and firewalls to virus detection and email services. Here are five benefits of using remote monitoring to keep an eye on your systems: 1. Reduce the Chances of Downtime In order to operate smoothly, … Read More